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Life in Germany
By: Tiong Lim

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Trips to Sopot, Poland

Another side of Germany
Swarovski Christmas Tree like 10 meters tall
huge 4th floors Berlin train Station
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Well First of all happy new year, wish this 2007 will be the smoothest one for me for my new job and new place. Yes alles neu fuer mich in dieses Jahr !! Glad we (Marysia and me) made it to Berlin although the process of getting there weren't pleasant squeezing and fighting over lots of people who are going home as well for Christmas. Anyhow Berlin it a gorgeous place. And hostorically it is the most important place where democracy begin between Easterm bloc (communism) and Western bloc where the greatest events unfolded. Four hours was enough time to walk around the most important area, the Gross Linden street. It is a place where Reichstag and Brandenburg at. The Weinachtenmarkt is great as well. The fire burn Bratwurst look really delicious. However we finally made our mind up eating French crepe in this mall call Lafeyette.
Later the journey continue with train in Poland side.

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Jamie Cullum's Concert Capitol, Offenbach

Jamie Cullum: Catching the Tales
Jamie Cullum: Catching the Tales
Jamie Cullum: Catching the Tales
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It was definetely the most amazing concert. It was certainly my best picked first concert in Germany. Especially in such ocassion. It was a sort of energy at the same time mellow, jazzy and groovy, heck don't know how to put that in word. A just a perfect package of everything. His song really moved me, "What a different a day makes", "Frontin'" and "These days" and "Mind Trick". He is really kicking butt, the concert last about 2 hours and he do not take any break at all. His Twentysomething album really hinted the way of how he presenting himself. Messy hair style and like he said "Jumping like a dickhead". I would say not without energy supply by those well recepted German crowd. They were reacted so awesomely. Taking the cellphone on the air part was nice. I mean he tried to speak some German and that was what the crowrd like. Ja, es ist total Geil !! I think it important to survive in foreign country. That was a big lesson for me right there. But his said "Danke schoen" sounded like "Take of your shirt" and I think he probably meant something else. I am sure he will be real famous one day like Jackjohn. At one song he just went solo by handling 2 instruments while singing. I am not sure if he will work that hard when he get famous. Well see. The ending was great, the same old German crowd always ask for one more and one more and one more, and more, more ... We have to catch the train back to Mainz at the end so little bit pressured. But this concert left the best memory in my life.

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Deutsch Kurz zweite Grundstufe

Tortilla Party by Leticia
Forget what was this mindbusting game call?
Rimantas wo ist die banana?
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Well, well the next thing I know, I completed my second German intensive class (3rd including on compact kurz). And I do not have to get late again to class which I think I did a good job still waking up so early. I would say this one and a half months was the fastest period I picked up German during my time here. I spoke really good broken German. However I am still not get use to putting verb at the end of the sentence or sometime put the verb at the begining of the sentence. Of course not to forget those good stuff: Der,Die, Das in dativ and akkusative declinations. It hard to learn if there is no good teachers and collegues. I am glad to have such awesome Mitstudenten, eurer sind so lustig und spontaneous. It was like the most diversify class I ever been. They were Russian, Bosnian, Polish, American, Lithuanian, South Korean, Thai, Iranian, Latvian, Uruguayian, Mexican, and myself Malaysian. Ok now I know what I forget to do, is to learn some simple phrase from each one of them. I hope I will have chance to continue for my drittle class altough I cannot join the same group again due to my dessertation. Ok, machst gut und looking forward for som interesting antworten.

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Trips to Loreley, Sankt Goar

Rhein valley in St. Goar
View towards St. Goar
sweet ripped balck grapes
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It was a recurrence trips to be back to Sankt Goar. Last trip was a year ago in summer 2005. It was interesting to get some new feeling and at the same time the old feeling. I used to traveled with my buddies, those time was wilds and with Marysia and Ania a year later. It was nice, soft, cozy, and warm. The magic of time, just unbelievable if I reminice it. Well, this time finally I made it up to Loreley. Interesting to know that the site is protected by UESCO. It was pretty much a total 1 and half hours of intense stairs climbing. I dont know when was the last time I did something like this, but I know I sleep like a baby the same night. It is definetely worth it, on the way up, I saw some grape trees (dark color grapes) which is my first time. Which inspired me to bought in Minimal a week later. It is so cheap only 1.50 Euro and it is so sweet. I cant wait till next week to join Philip to go pluck some grapes.

Loreley suppose to be one of the most famous legend along the Rhein river. Sad that I still don't know yet about the legend of Loreley yet, how does this name come about? Anyhow, the view from the top just magnificient. It was like a man made scenery. The town is so organized and clean. The river is so clean and clear made me want to jump into the water. But funny to see modern boat cruising on the Rhein river because when there is modern boat the water usually is dirty. After 3 hours of intense walking we finally head back to the other side of the river. The second greatest moment beside being on top of Loreley was sitting by this imbiss eating pommes and curry wurst, of course accompany with a glass of ice cool German beer. The whole scene can't be any better with some live German folks music. The old folks was so happy, it was like a total new way of having fun for me. There were two women dancing putting their hand shoulder to shoulder, that amazing! They age 60 years old (according to Ania). It was certainly an inspiring one to see myself like this perhaps in 40 years later.


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